This is a blog for my daughter Scarlett. She was born with a complex congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia. She is my little hero.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good News

All the lab work (blood work) came back 100% okay. Meaning, she does not have any sort of infection currently or brewing. That's great news. Her ears, lungs and throat look clear. That's a good sign.

So, her screaming episodes are probably from hunger. and she's probably hungry because she's only surviving off of minimal amounts of Pedialyte. But starting tonight (after 24 hours on Pedialyte barf-free), I can start giving her half breastmilk and half pedialyte. So that's what we're gonna do.

I've also been ordered to cut out all lactose from my diet in case her tummy isn't able to handle it. So I've been milk/cheese/butter/yogart free since yesterday (24 hours).  In her next bottle, we're gonna do the 50/50 to see how she handles it... well, I mean in her next 'tube feed', not bottle. Nothing  by mouth quite yet...for fear of barfing.

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  1. Wonderful news about the great lab results! Go Scarlett! I'll be praying for a quick resolution to the hungry vs barfing challenges so she can become tube free. Just having those tubes out of her nose and throat will be such a blessing for all of you. Scarlett is doing remarkably well for being just two weeks post surgery! With Much Love!