This is a blog for my daughter Scarlett. She was born with a complex congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia. She is my little hero.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best Day Yet.

Scarlett had such a great day on Tuesday. : )  As noted in my previous post, we stopped tube feeds at 11:00am and she was able to tolerate her bottle at 2:30pm, then again at 6:00pm. No vomiting! Yaaaaaahoo!

At around 8 or 8:30pm I tried to feed Scarlett again and she didn't seem interested in her bottle at all. I was holding her and she kept wiggling, and arching her back and didn't seem to want to be held...but I didn't want to put her back in her crib either (cabin fever, ya know). She seemed agitated, so me and nurse Rhonda put her in a high chair and let her play for 20 minutes with toys I brought from home.

She kept putting her toys in her mouth and eating her hands (like she was hungry)... I took a chance and opened a jar of baby food (sweet potatoes stage 1) that Todd brought on Saturday. And my adorable little baby shocked me and ate the whole thing!! It took me almost a half hour to get her to eat little bit by little bit, but she polished off the whole jar! : ) again reason to celebrate!! woot woot woot!!!

Wow. What a difference 48 hours makes.... I was even able to dress her for the first time in a week. I put a onesie on her and she looks like a "normal" baby again. (well, normal with oxygen, ng tube and an IV)

I asked nurse Rhonda when she thinks they're gonna let her go home. She's doing so much better now, and can easily be sent home on oxygen, pulse-ox and feeding tube. (which is all she has right now. Her IV drip was turned off last night when she was tolerating her continuous NG tube feeds.). Rhonda said probably in the next day or two... of course this was just her opinion tho.

My little baby had a rough time getting to sleep. She was fighting it and fighting it. She was kind of grunting like she was in pain or straining to make a poopy..(or both?). So we gave her some Tylenol and stool softner and after about 15 more minutes of whimpering, she finally settled down for the night. 

I, too, had just laid down to go to sleep right after her... when Rhonda came by and tapped me on the shoulder.. (I had barely fallen asleep minutes before). She said "They're going to let her go home tomorrow... I thought that was worth waking you up" :)  and I whispered: "yay!", and I went to sleep with the biggest smile on my face and the happiest I've been in a long time. : ) post...Discharge! Thank you God for taking care of my precious little baby.


  1. WOOOOO HOOOOO G-R-E-A-T job Scarlett!!!! I am sooooo very happy for you guys. I pray everyday for her and it has worked along with everyone else's !!!! GOD is so good!!! Keeping you guys in my thoughts!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Yay! Scarlett. You go Angels!!!!!!!!! Keep up the fight baby girl.

  3. GO SCARLETT!!! GO SCARLETT!!! She looks SO GOOD! You can surely tell that she is happy to get the full use of both of her hands back! No no-no's! Yippee!! Just wait until she's back in her own house! Wowie Zowie! LIFE IS GOOD!!

  4. I got chills reading this post! Happy chills! I am so thrilled for you! So happy this is over for you! So happy you can go home!!! Woot woot! Woot woot! This so awesome. A BIG CYBER HUG to both of you!!!!

  5. Yay!!! Happy Day! I knew she'd do awesome! She is such a strong baby and clearly a fighter!