This is a blog for my daughter Scarlett. She was born with a complex congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia. She is my little hero.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shameless Plug for Snuggin'Go

When Scarlett was around 3 months old, I attended a small meeting with other heart moms when I noticed that all of them (well, those who brought their heart babies) had a contraption in their stroller/carseat called a "Snuggin Go". It is an infant positioner and support system that promotes oxygen circulation and and head support. Scarlett is pictured here with hers:

Back in June (after that meeting), a fellow heartmom told me that Beth (Scarlett's cardiologist) could get me one at a discount. So the next time I was at clinic (a biweekly cardiologist appt for Scarlett) I asked Beth about the Snuggin Go and told her that another heart mom said that I could get one at a discount.

Let me back up for a second... Beth is actually a nurse practitioner... not a cardiologist, but I always call her 'My baby's cardiologist' because she is the one I page at all hours of the night, and she's the one I've seen every 2-3 weeks since Scarlett was born, she's the one who calls to check on Scarlett, she's the one who was there the day Scarlett was born, etc... I love Beth, I cannot say enough positive things about her. She is an amazing person and I have the highest respect for her. I've been working with Beth since November last year [2008] when I found out about Scarlett's heart defect in utero (when I was 25 weeks pregnant).

Okay back to Snuggin' I was at clinic back in June when I asked her about her product (she created/invented it), and she tells me... "I'm doing a photo shoot this Sunday at my house for the 'Snuggin'Go Too', do u want to bring Scarlett by to be in the photo shoot?"...and of course being the proud momma I am, I said "OF COURSE!". So, back in June I took my unassuming little 4-month-old sleeping baby to Beth's house for a photo shoot to launch her new product.

The photographer took pictures of Scarlett sleeping in her carseat (because she was asleep when we arrived), then we woke her up and took pictures of her with the Snuggin'Go.  There were other babies at the photo shoot of varying ages and taking pictures in high chairs, jogging strollers, swing, bouncy seat, etc. 

Well, Scarlett fell asleep towards the end of the photo shoot and Beth said she wanted a few additional photos for a true 'before and after' comparison (since all the other before pics Scarlett was sleeping and all the after pics she was awake). So the photographer took some more 'after' pics and we left not knowing the true specialness of those last few photos. turns out that the before and after pictures came out so good that Beth used them on the Snuggin'Go website!  check it out! My baby is a model! : )  Totally exciting!  And that's not even where the excitement ends... Scarlett's picture is going to be featured on the actual product!!!...Meaning, very soon when you purchase a Sunggin Go, Scarlett's before/after images will be in the paper insert! on the packaging AND furthermore... the actual product will be sold at major retail stores like Target and Babies 'R' Us as soon as 2010 (next year)!

I've known about this for a long time (well for at least 4 months)... but wanted to post this on my blog because I am so proud of my baby. : ) If I had known her pics were going to be on the product and sold nationally, I woulda at least put a bow on her or something... ; ) ...but it doesn't matter. She's still a model (albeit a sleeping one) nonetheless.

Now for my shameless plug on the Snuggin Go... because, believe it or not the first 8 paragraphs weren't promoting the product itself.  I've been using it since late June and I absolutely love it. You can really see a difference in Scarlett's posture when she's using it. I wish I had several of for the high chair, her crib, and definitely for her hospital bed. It really helps them keep their chin off of their chest and their head from slouching over when they fall asleep in their carseat.  I do support/promote this product 100%. Every mom should have one, especially heartmoms!

The advertisement for the Snuggin'Go will be featured in a couple of upcoming magazine issues (but I can't for the life of me remember which ones..) I'll post which ones in a later post. It was already featured in  "Raising Arizona Kids" magazine. It's pretty exciting. When I figure out which national magazines it'll be featured in, I'll post it and I'll also post the pics of the insert with Scarlett as the Before/After model.

In the meantime, if you're a heartmom, I highly recommend purchasing and using one, they're worth it! :)


  1. I think these are awesome.When we took Andie to the ER when she first got sick we had a contraption like that in our carseat and they told us we needed to take it out beacuse it voids any warranty on the carseat due to the fact that they are not saefty tested with one of those in it. Im not raining o your parade, if we ever have another baby I would use one again. Just passing on the info.My neighbor took hers out after I told her. Everyone has a different preference. She looks so healthy. Hope all is well.

  2. I just checked out the website and am placing my order. It made me nervous with my boys when they were in the car seat that their heads leaned so far over and now with Hope, it is making me even more nervous. I am hoping this will help...or at least make me feel better about how she sleeps in the car seat. Thank you for sharing the information.

    Scarlett is a wonderful model and the pictures definitely sold me on the Snuggin'Go...mainly because the before pictures look so much like how Hope looks all scrunched to the side when she is in her car seat.

    I want to thank you again for sharing such wonderful information on your blog. For me it is so helpful to find such helpful information from someone that has been there!

  3. I loved mine for Ethan. . . And have given 3 out as gifts and they LOVE them. One friend of mine is an exercise freak and she takes hers out of the carseat and puts it in the jogging stroller and it supports her son like a champ when she is jogging (since he was 6 weeks old). It is the bomb. NO head slouched down and kinked neck! They breath and relax so much better!