This is a blog for my daughter Scarlett. She was born with a complex congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia. She is my little hero.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Baby's First Halloween

I bought Scarlett a Tinkerbell costume at Babies R Us the day that they put out the costumes (back in August). I've been looking forward to her wearing it all month. I was so sad when I thought there was a chance that she may still be hospitalized on Halloween, and I still feel so lucky that she's doing fantastic considering all she's been through.

We had planned all along that I would stay home and hand out candy and Todd would take Violet Trick-or-Treating. But the morning of Halloween, my friend invited us to her sister's house for a Halloween party for kids. She said it would have 'the works'. Costume contest, bobbing for apples, games, halloween treats (popcorn balls, pretzel broomsticks, carrot fingers, white chocolate covered donut hole eyeballs, rat cupcakes etc). I told Todd that we couldn't let Scarlett be around all those kids especially it being RSV season. I told Todd "If u can get Beth's blessing to go, then we'll go, otherwise we stay".

So Todd called Beth and asked her if we could go (I still never verified, but I'm taking his word for it), and according to Todd, Beth said that it would probably be good to get Scarlett out of the house and for her to see other kids and it might actually help with her separation anxiety. So, around 5pm, we loaded the kids and headed over my friend's sister's house. The place was totally decked out for Halloween and everyone was in really cool costumes.

Violet was dressed as Supergirl, she was the smallest kid (next to Scarlett).

I was a hippy, Todd was a scary monster, Scarlett was Tinkerbell and Violet was Supergirl.

We took Scarlett Trick-or-Treating with Violet (well, I held her and just followed the kids, we didn't walk up to the door, we stayed on the sidewalk) and Scarlett had such a good time being amazed at the outside world. I'm sure the fresh air did her good. She's never really been outside before except on the walk from the garage to the doctor's office.

Violet ate more candy on Halloween than she's ever eaten in her entire life. (I don't give her candy...ever). I'm surprised she didn't puke!

Scarlett wasn't scared of Todd's costume (notice her little magic wand?). She wasn't scared of anything. She just stared in wonder and awe at everything. We didn't stay long. We left around 8pm and were home by 8:30. 

About an hour after we got home around 9:30pm, our doorbell rang! It was tardy Trick-or-Treaters!! I had bought 7 bags of candy because my neighborhood is loaded with kids and we were hit hard last year, I had an entire witch's cauldron FULL of candy leftover since we ended up going out and since I CAN'T EAT IT because of my lactose-free diet. So, I told the group of 5 kids..."take as much as you want". So they weren't modest, they scooped, and scooped, and scooped candy into their no-longer-empty loot bags. I'm pretty sure I made their day/night/year. :)

Todd took Scarlett inside of a garage-turned-Haunted-House. Violet was super scared and Todd had to carry her but he said Scarlett giggled the entire time. My fearless little heart baby. Overall, a good time was had by all.  I coudn't have hoped for a more memorable Baby's First Halloween. :)


  1. Scarlett is the most ADORABLE Tinkerbell!! And Violet is a GREAT Supergirl! How WONDERFUL for Scarlett to get to get all dressed up and go somewhere besides the doctor's office or the hospital!!! How FUN for all of you to be able to go to a PARTY as a family!! I'm sure a little levity did all of you some good! Look HOW FAR you've come in such a short time! Awesome!

  2. Baby's First Halloween looks so enjoyable. She is the cutest kid I have ever seen and oh my god her dress for this party was even cuter. Our twin’s first Halloween bash was also very special and enjoyable too. We threw a budget friendly family bash at most affordable event halls for rent in LA.