This is a blog for my daughter Scarlett. She was born with a complex congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia. She is my little hero.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Look Who's 2!

 Well, it's hard to believe that Scarlett celebrated her 2nd Birthday a week ago. Yes, my little heartbaby is officially in the "terrific" two's (I don't like to say terrible twos, because then you set yourself up for a temper tandrum throwing toddler).

We celebrated her ~actual~ birthday by taking her to Chic-Fil-A to play on the indoor playground. She was like a little monkey and for the first time, I saw her actually hanging from the little gym like they were monkey bars.  .  . Here's a pic:

Ever since her stent 2 weeks ago, she's had so much energy. It's very noticable to me and Todd. She's like the energizer bunny now.... she just keeps going and going and going. Even when she's sick with a booger nose and a lingering cough (like for the last 5 days), she still runs and runs and plays and plays. It's like now that she has more blood flow to her left lung (via the stent in her LPA), she's just a little ball of energy now. Even more than before, because she was always a toddler "on the go".

We took her to the cardiologist today and we got great news! The echocardiogram looks fantastic and the bloodflow through the LPA looks great. In fact, she's doing so well, we can wait THREE whole MONTHS until her next appointment! So, for the first time ever.... I don't have to take her to the cardiologist's office for 3 months. Seeing as I've been taking her every month for the last 10 months, this is quite a big deal. I'm elated. and Scarlett is happy too. Look at her go:

This was her at the cardiologist's office today running all around the office. It's an action shot because she wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a pic of her.  Okay, actually, she did sit still long enough for me to take this one:

Strangely, she had a major crying fit when Asia tried to do an EKG on her. It was strange. One minute she was smiles and happy, then on the turn of a dime (whatever that means), she was terrified and screaming and saying OWIE! OWIE!.. (when EKGs don't even hurt??!). My poor little daughter is definitely traumatized by the doctor's office. But overall she did fantastic today. The echo went well, the "vitals" went well (blood pressure, pulse-ox, temperature, height and weight).

Speaking of weight... I never posted before but at her pediatrician's appointment for synagist (the vaccine against RSV), Scarlett weighed in at 20pounds 0 ounces. I was so excited!  We were able to put her in a forward facing carseat for the first time in 23 months. (2 weeks shy of her 2nd birthday).  Well, today at her cardiologist's appointment (3 weeks since she weighed 20 pounds flat, she weighed 20 pounds 13 ounces!!! I'm beside myself with excitement and happiness for my baby.

She's still getting over a double ear infection and is a little fussy tonight (compared to her uber energy at Dr. Pophal's office this afternoon), but overall, she's doing grrrrreat! : ) Thank you for everyone's prayers for my little fighter.


  1. Wonderful News! I'm so happy for you all! OXOXO

  2. She is such a sweetheart so happy for her..:)

  3. She looks wonderful! So happy to hear she is doing great after her stent!

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  7. That's great. Hope she recovers soon all fit and fine!

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  9. So nice hear. Hope she recover soon.