This is a blog for my daughter Scarlett. She was born with a complex congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia. She is my little hero.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Successful Heart Cath

Little Scarlett is resting peacefully after a very busy day! We had to check into the hospital at 9:00am this morning for her 11:00am heart cath. I packed our bags last night and finished packing this morning. We actually got a late start but ended up being perfectly on-time. We did the usual...registration, walk up to Peds pre-op, hang out there, get weighed and measured, fill out more paperwork, sign consent forms, change into her tiger hospital gown, get blood drawn, etc.  Then it was off to the cath lab.

Daddy got to push Scarlett in this toy car that the hospital has (this pic was taken before she changed into her tiger gown).

We got to meet with Dr. Pophal (like I mentioned in my last post) right before handing her off to the nurse, and he let us know what he was going to do in the cath lab. Balloon angioplasty of her left pulmonary artery (LPA) and stent it if he had to (which he didn't want to).  He had mentioned that her homograft was leaking moderately (as opposed to mild or severe).  He said that he was hoping that the leaking was because of a narrowed LPA, and that if it wasn't then we might have to consider that it's just time for a new homograft [which is a major 7-10 hour open-heart surgery]. We were hoping and praying for good results, needless to say.

We handed Scarlett off to the nurse around 11:20am. She started screaming her head off when I handed her to the cath nurse. It broke my heart. The nurse said that one of us could go in there with her while they administer anesthesia and she falls asleep. I volunteered Todd.  and I'm glad I did. He came back very teary eyed because he said Scarlett went out fighting, but that she was out within a minute of struggling.

Then we headed up to the 7th floor PCTICU, to wait the 3 to 4 hours during her heart cath. Scarlett's auntie Dawn came to wait with us, and uncle Marc also came for a while too. Finally around 3:15pm we got the call that they were done and they were bringing her up to her room [where we were waiting]. We had to leave her room so they could get her settled in when she arrived. We went to the waiting room for about 10-15 minutes.

Finally we were able to see Scarlett. She was groggy and resting, because the nurse said she had woken up and became upset, so they gave her something to calm her down. So, when we walked in she was quasi-sedated. But that didn't last very long. because she woke up (again) and oh my golly! what a harrowing experience it was. She was super duper upset! Turning over, crying, fussing, kicking etc..

I kept asking: is she in pain?, is she hungry?, is she scared?, she was just so increibly upset and irritated.

Mind you, she's not supposed to move her leg for 6 hours [heart cath means they inserted a catheter into the artery in her groin/leg area], but she was kicking/screaming/crying/writhing and throwing a fit for the better part of 45 minutes. She would relax and settle down, but that would only last a minute or two before the crying and fussiness started again. They upped her pain meds, that didn't work... then they gave her some Morphine, and that helped for 10 minutes but after that she was right back to being very, very upset.  Finally a new nurse came in and gave her some more Morphine and she calmed down and has been sleeping ever since. 

So now onto Dr. Pophal's  cath report....

Dr. P said that he was able to balloon angioplasty Scarlett's LPA, and that should help with regurgitating bloodflow. Because remember, her right ventricle (RV) pumps blood up the homograft, to the pulmonary arteries to the lungs. But because her LPA is so narrow, the blood can't pass so it regurgitates it back down the homograft (called "leaking"), and over time this leads to right-sided heart failure because her RV is working overtime to try to pump twice the amount of blood through the homograft.

Now that her LPA is widened [post-cath], he is going to give her RV a chance to release some of the pressure that is building up from working overtime these past few months. HOW MUCH TIME? we don't know. He is going to discuss Scarlett's case with Dr. Cleveland (the surgeon). Depending on what Dr. Cleveland says, well.... we might have to replace the homograft sooner than the 2-4 years that I originally thought in October.

1.) Blood is supposed to flow in a forward direction in your heart (with no backward "leakage")
2.) Because Scarlett's LPA is narrow, blood was regurgitating ["leaking"] back to her RV
3.) The leaking in her homograft is moderate or moderate-to-severe. This is bad.
4.) The leaking [backward bloodflow/regurgitation] is causing her RV to work overtime to pump it back to where it belongs
5.) Because her RV is working harder than it has to, it's causing pressure in her RV.
6.) The pressure in her RV is mild-to-moderate.

After today's heart catheterization, I am hoping and praying that the ballooned LPA will allow blood to flow through the homograft (one-way) and lessen the pressure in her RV. Because, if the pressure in her RV maintains or gets worse, she will need a new homograft [which I mentioned earlier is a 7 to 10 hour open-heart surgery!].  Unfortunately, I don't know how much time Dr. Cleveland is going to want to give Scarlett to allow her RV pressure to come down. 2 months? 4 months? 6 months?

The good news is that we did buy her some more time. Because if Dr. Pophal wasn't able to balloon angioplasty, then it would have meant immediate homograft replacement. So, at the very least, we have bought her some more time [how much time, I don't know yet]. Oh, and I almost forgot...most importantly, she is not on any supplemental oxygen after this heart cath! Woo Hoo! :)

Thanks for everyone's thoughts, well wishes and prayers today. I will post more when I know more.

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  1. Lots to take in Melodie. Sorry you are facing this again so soon. It's only been 4 months since Alexas surgery so I can't even imagine thinking of taking her back in. As we know though CHD rules and we must abide. I am glad they were able to buy Scarlett some time, hope it buys her lot's of it and you can avoid surgery for a lot longer. Glad the cath turned out well. Alexa behaved exactly the same way coming out of the cath lab plus she kept asking for water!!!!! but they would not let her have it. Had to give her some in a wet sponge which she bit off and almost choked on. Are you still at the hospital or did she get to go home? Either way glad she is resting now, you get some rest too. Hugs!