This is a blog for my daughter Scarlett. She was born with a complex congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia. She is my little hero.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cardiologist Appt Today

Today I take Scarlett to the cardiologist's office for a routine follow-up appointment. Can you believe it's been 8 weeks since her last appointment? I can't. Last year I was in the office every 2-3 weeks...pretty much the entire year. When Beth (Scarlett's cardiologist) told me in January that she'd see me in 8 weeks I was in disbelief. Wow... I can really go two months in between appointments? That's awesome.

That means that Scarlett is doing great (heart-wise) and only needs to be monitored 6 times a year. That's great. Scarlett is still trying her best to walk unassisted. She took about 6 steps on her own on her birthday, but she's still slow to take off. That's okay, I like watching her crawl around anyway. It reminds me she's still a baby.

**NEWS FLASH** Exciting news for heart parents!!! St. Joseph's Hospital is working toward opening the first pediatric heart transplant program in Phoenix, Arizona. Up until now when a local baby/child was in congestive heart failure (requiring a transplant), they had to literally move out of state and go to Boston or Los Angeles for several months while their child awaited a heart transplant. But I just read tonight that this program will soon be available in Phoenix!! To be performed by Scarlett's team of pediatric cardiac surgeons. This is awesome. Of course I pray that this will never be an issue for my baby, but I am relieved that if it did ever come to that, we won't be further burdened with moving out-of-state. Here is an article about it:

I will post how her cardiologist visit went tomorrow. I'm hoping for more weight gain! Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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  1. Scarlett gets more beautiful every day! Even if she hasn't gained appreciable weight, she looks totally propostional for her size, she is preciously petite. I thought about you the other day & was really happy that you weathered the FULL YEAR of breast feeding and DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT ANY MORE! You're a totally AWESOME Mom!